1. Hey guys! I started a new blog where I will be making one greeting card per week for a year and documenting my inspiration and process along the way.  Please check it out and follow it if you like it!


  2. Sneaky peeky at a new greeting card design I’m working on.

    This is the first gif I ever made, so I have no idea what I’m doing, haha.


  3. Supplies at the FIT Knitting Lab


  4. Knitting machine at the FIT Knitting Lab


  5. For one of my illustration classes, we went to a school in NYC to draw with some middle school kids.  The girls I worked with only had one thing on their mind, however.  This is my interpretation of my experience with them.


  6. George was the best Beatle.


  7. Flower doodle


  8. Papercut based on The Royal Tenenbaums

    Art direction by my mentor Megan Brain


  9. Progress on an upcoming project based on The Royal Tenenbaums


  10. Wrapping Paper Design